Committed. Dedicated. Determined. 


Amy will proudly share the story of her first birthday.  It was on January 12, 1980, when Amy’s paternal grandmother, Felicia Jablonski, was determined that her granddaughter would take her first step before sunset of this milestone birthday. Accomplishing this task was important to Ms. Jablonski because she knew grit and perseverance were etched in Amy’s DNA.  She knew from the beginning Amy was “born to fight”.


The elder Ms. Jablonski was born in Poland before the beginning of World War II. Sadly, her father, the local mayor, was publicly executed shortly after the Germans invaded Poland. Ms. Jablonski was then taken from her family as a teenager and moved to multiple concentration work camps while enduring five years of imprisonment and eventual liberation in April 1945.

After a brief, yet tumultuous marriage, she left Germany in 1951 with her two sons, immigrated through Ellis Island, and began a new life in Newark, New Jersey.  She fought to build a business and provide for her sons. She credited her family’s success to the support of the larger community, including the educational structures available to her sons.

Ms. Jablonski’s will, to not only survive, but to thrive was instilled in her sons and passed on to their children.  That shared grit and perseverance has helped Amy to overcome her own obstacles and to fight for what is right for those around her. Despite doubts from coaches in high school, Amy worked on own her recruitment efforts and landed herself with a chance to play collegiate soccer, as well as with academic, leadership and athletic scholarships to help finance her college education.  In her twenties, Amy overcame some significant physical challenges and today she is using her grit and perseverance to run long distance races and participate in a local cross fit community.  Throughout her career and adult life, Amy has worked with individuals, families, and communities to fight for abolishing inequities and boundaries that marginalize individuals and groups.

Amy will use that same grit and perseverance to work collaboratively with others to fight for students, families, educators, and public schools.  After all, she was born to fight; it is in her DNA.


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